Pipe Penetration Detail

In-house Installation Technicians

Firestone Seam Jointing

Reeve-Tec Membranes Ltd offers a full installation service for containment membranes. Our in-house specialised installation service enables us to deliver a ‘right first time‘ system for containment projects. We also offer installation of geo membranes for use in canal leakage and on the bottom & sides of a landfill to remove the leakage problem.

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Secondary containment
Containment around storage tanks to prevent contamination in the event of leakage of oil or chemicals.

Water Storage (Water Containment using Waterproofing Membranes)
Balancing reservoirs for car parks and roads to control input of run-off into the sewage system. Irrigation for agriculture and horticulture. Nursery reservoirs. Firewater ponds.

Balancing pond

Nursery Reservoir

Ornamental and Leisure ponds
Ornamental ponds around offices and Lakes for leisure/golf courses.

Used for tertiary cleaning or polishing of organic waste, utilising the natural action of bacteria associated with rhizomes.

Reservoir Roofs
Watertight covering for concrete roofs, to prevent contamination of potable water.

Temporary Waterproofing Membranes
Temporary Waterproofing membranes for new build housing, to prevent damage to show homes through the cavities during construction. Waterproofing membranes are also used for tunneling water containment systems.

Landfill capping
Capping of completed landfills, and vertical barriers.

Photographs showing installation process