Gas Membranes

Gas is generated underground in many different conditions. For the most part it does not constitute a hazard, as gas which percolates to the surface dissipates under normal atmospheric conditions, preventing dangerous concentrations form developing.

However when buildings are constructed on gas contaminated land, gas can seep into buildings through openings, construction joints, cavities and service penetrations to reach dangerous concentrations

Containment Membranes

The use of impermeable membranes (including waterproofing membranes, oil and chemical membranes) is one of the simplest, most economical methods of oil, chemical or water containment. All containment projects require both high quality materials and the expertise to ensure that they are installed safely, effectively and that they meet all regulations.

Attentuation Systems (SUDs)

Reevetec-Membranes work closely with all of the leading suppliers of Attenuation and Infiltration Tanks, otherwise known as SUD systems.

Reptile and Amphibian Fencing

The Reeve-Tec Trap range of fencing has been developed to meet current statutory requirements, whilst at all times ensuring the most sustainable, environmental and commercially aware system can be offered.

Manufactured from 100% recyclable materials, which are re-useable and low maintenance,the unique installation and fixing methodology will ensure that performance is maintained even in the most adverse of ground or weather conditions.

Invasive Weeds Services

ReeveTec Membranes Ltd have joined forces with an approved partner to offer advice and eradication of invasive plants.