4 May 2021

After validating the membrane at the above on the 29.4.2021 I thought it only fair to give you some feedback.

On arrival I was pleased to see a good neat installation. Upon validating the membrane it was a pleasure to find a good standard of hot air welding and the GR lap tape was all secured well. There were a few minor defects however it was more due to the uneven ground level preparation rather than installer error. Overall this was a good standard of installation that was a pleasure to validate.

Tony Smith

Senior Validation Surveyor

14 December 2021

Following a review of the work seen today by my Colleague Bill Lawler; at the above site, I would like to reiterate my colleague Bill Lawlers comments that this is one of the finest install jobs he has seen, and from the pictures he sent me (I would not normally judge a job on photographs only) I would agree.

Its always a pleasure to find a quality installer and to celebrate being able to shout loudly about it. We will be blogging and posting on linked in to say this.

Ben Crowther


Subcontract Quarterly Review
Barrat Kent

Satisfactory Performance
Health & Safety Quality of Work Ability to Maintain Programme Attitude to variations Would you recommend we use this contractor again
Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No
Reeve Tec Gas Membranes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Taken from Barrat Kent Quarterly Performance Monitor for Connaught Park, Tunbridge Wells

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